Granger Bay

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Useful Charts & Publications

  • SAN1014 – INT 2682 Table Bay
  • South African Nautical Almanac ISBN 978-0-9921810-0-0
Granger Bay

Granger Bay General

Granger Bay [approx. 33o54.040 S; 18o25.086 E]

The Granger Bay anchorage lies just east of Mouille Point and the entrance to the private moorings of Granger Bay Harbour. Anchoring close inshore in 5m of water clear of the Oceana Boat Club slipway allows craft to shelter from wind and swell from south westerly backing through south easterly.

The bottom is sand and shingle with fair to good holding. Be sure to keep clear of the slipway and harbour entrances.

Barely a mile west of the Port of Cape Town entrance this is a popular spot for lunch and sundowner visits due to the proximity to RCYC and the V&V Waterfront Marina. The bay is often used by power boats and jetskis and these, together with the constant background hum of the city traffic mean a sometimes far from peaceful anchorage.

When the summer south-easter swings into full force and Duncan Dock becomes a maelstrom Granger could be considered a suitable spot to anchor and wait for more benign conditions to reach RCYC. Should a yacht suffer engine problems this anchorage would be an easier spot to sail into than sailing all the way to the RCYC emergency buoy.

This spot should be useable in winds from South through NW. Westerly veering through northerly and easterly winds and swell will have the prudent skipper weighing anchor and moving on.

Approaches and surrounding dangers

SW’ly Swell
The ever-present SW’ly swell does tend to wrap around Mouille Pt and the anchorage can become somewhat rolly when the offshore swell is running big.

There is a short shingle beach due south of the anchorage which sees continuous wave action. One could land a dinghy here in calm conditions but access further ashore is difficult. Eastward one should take care of the rocky breakwater which extends all the way to the #3 buoy.

Approaching from the east or north is straightforward and should present no problems in good visibility. When approaching from the west be sure to give the off-lying dangers off Mouille Pt a wide berth. From further offshore in Table Bay the Green Point Stadium provides a prominent landmark for pilotage.

Commercial pleasure craft
Commercial charter boats regularly leave port and travel close inshore past the anchorage. A continuous good lookout is advised. This traffic, together with larger vessels further out in the channel can throw up the odd wake that arrives out of nowhere. Always ensure the crockery is suitably stowed.

Nearest Safe Haven

  1. Granger Bay Harbour [in dire emergency only since this is a private marina with no public dock]
  2. Table Bay Harbour [1nm]


  1. Mobile network reception available
  2. VHF14/16 [Cape Town Port Control] reachable
The crew of the Miura “Savannah” enjoy a sunset at anchor

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