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        Keeping and maintaining the boat takes a bit of cash. But there are ways to stretch the cash.

        Anything labeled “Marine” is sure to cost at least 5-10x it’s ‘domestic’ equivalent so it can pay dividends if suitable readily-available products can be bought at the local hardware store and use on board.

        Off the top of my head here are some products that I’ve substituted that have proven themselves to be giving good service on board:

        1. Deck paint/Non-Slip:
          • Use commercial textured exterior wall paint. It’s perhaps not ultimately as tough or hard-wearing as an International Paints product but it’s been hard at work on my boats for many years now and after the initial application of the first two coats there’s plenty left in the 5L can to do touch-ups. Water-based and so easy to apply and clean.
        2. Exterior Woodwork:
          • Use Woodock Deck Sealer. Granted this is also not a cheap product but it works well both for the house and the exposed woodwork. It doesn’t coat like a classic varnish and so doesn’t need to be stripped off totally before re-application. A light sand has the surface ready to reapply when needed and it lasts well, even in the high-traffic areas in the cockpit.

        What hints and tips do you have to share below?


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