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        My name is Dave and I sail a Miura called “Ocean Blue” out of RCYC, Cape Town.

        Miura "Ocean Blue"

        Originally based up on the Vaal, I moved my good old Miura down to Cape Town in 2013 with the aim of cruising the west coast. Join me here as I share my trials, tribulations and successes.

        Being a “newbie” to the coastal sailing scene, I find there is a wealth of knowledge available – but only if you know who to speak with and know who has done what.

        I’m hoping to use this website to provide an online community where South African sailors can share their experiences and ask questions to tap into the experience of others who may have already “been there, done that”. Hopefully the old hands will share their experiences and lessons-learned so that everyone benefits.

        It will take some time for this site to gain traction so I’d appreciate your assistance when you join:

        1. Add a reply to this thread telling us a little about yourself,
        2. Include your name, home port and boat name & class
        3. Maybe let us know what your sailing interests are i.e. cruising, racing or both?
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