Dassen Anchorage

Solo to Dassen

I’m a little on edge in the days leading up to my planned departure to Dassen Island and it shows. Sandy asks “If you are so nervous then why do you have to sail solo up the coast? Why can you not just be happy day-sailing in the bay?“ I can’t argue against that logic. Read More

F8 Hout Bay

Living the Life?

As the eastern sky slowly awakes, shakes off the covers and prepares to usher in a new day I find myself alone, sitting quietly at the southern end of Fish Hoek Bay. It’s cold this morning, especially so after the last two weeks of unseasonably warm winter weather. It’s taken me all the way from Read More

F8 Hout Bay


Life has the annoying habit of dragging one down to the depths of mere existence, of reducing one’s horizons to merely making ends meet, living to an agenda set by others. Some Coldplay lyrics spring to mind: Written up in marker on a factory sign, ‘I struggle with the feeling that my life isn’t mine Read More