To be clear, one can anchor virtually anywhere …. in the right conditions.

The problem with the coast around South Africa is that the “right conditions” seldom occur nor seldom stay in place for very long. For example … Granger Bay in winds with any southerly component is tenable but have those conditions change to a winter Nor ‘westerly and you are immediately in dire straights.

The focus here is to identify anchorages that, with due caution, can be used for a lunch stop or over-night. However, any information published on this web-site id for information only and no guarantee is given as to it’s accuracy, completeness or suitability for navigation. You would be well advised to do your own in-depth research using accepted formal publications and charts.

The most commonly known anchorages will already have a static page listed under RESOURCES > ANCHORAGES. You can check the list by hovering your mouse cursor over the Menus. Please add your additional comments and information in the Comments section of the specific page if it already exists.


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