Navigation & Comms

Electronic systems aboard ‘Blue are pretty basic and will most likely remain that way. The reason for this is two-fold; marine electronics are expensive and the more power-hungry devices one allows on board, the more charging and battery capacity is required.

Currently the navigation & communications suite comprises of the following:

  • Lowrance Elite-5 plotter/fishfinder running Navionics chart s/w
  • Samsung TabA 10″ android tablet running Navionics and/or OpenCPN chart s/w
  • Nokia 7.1 mobile phone running Navionics chart s/w and GPS apps as backup
  • Quark QK-A024 AIS receiver
  • Raymarine wind and depth instruments
  • Parafine-powered President VHF [which works just fine despite it’s age]
  • ST-2000 electronic autopilot
  • Bulkhead compass
  • Hand-held compass

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