Self-steering, Upgrades

Is this all pointless?

One has to sometimes question why!

Why build a vane for a boat that is never headed offshore? Why build a vane in a life where this damned lock-down stretches interminably on? Why waste time, energy and cash on a dead-end dream?

Perhaps one measure of a person’s life is the ability to engage in frivolous projects when perhaps there are better areas to focus concerns – like survival? 

OB-Vane mk-1

Access to the marina is once again terminated – supposedly because some live-aboard foreign cruisers tested positive. So rather than have them self-isolate and stay away, the knee-jerk reaction is to institute rules and regulations that make no sense.

I am allowed to leave my home to mix with people at the shops, where I queue in close contact but I’m not allowed to visit my boat were there is virtually no chance of me rubbing shoulders with the infected and plenty of space to avoid contact??

The stupidity of it all boggles the mind!

Template for the hatch garage

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