Refurbishing the cockpit seats

It’s been a slow and tedious process refurbishing the cockpit seating. The first challenge has been to remove all the seat slats from the boat and take then back home to the workshop, first to strip the old varnish and then to re-coat them.

Years of accumulated “International Schooner” has not been kind to the screw heads, filling them up and preventing the philips from getting a grip. I damage more than a few in the extraction process.

Back home in the workshop the long and tedious process of stripping the ancient varnish and prepping for the new keeps me occupied for a good many weeks.

While the seats are receiving their new covering during the evenings and weekends, lunchtimes and late afternoons after work are spent on board – stripping, sanding and prepping for new paint.

The job grinds on, relentlessly, tediously. But then, after what seems an eternity, it is suddenly over.


I’ve found I’m often in need of sail-therapy, especially during maintenance-heavy periods and as a result I always try and keep the boat in some sort of sailing-ready condition if possible.

Despite being “seatless”, we get quite a few magic sails in during the process, either standing at the helm or finding an awkward sloping seat somewhere in the work-zone.

Ocean Blue follows Jigsaw out into the South Atlantic


I’m glad the job is done and I’m ready to get back to sailing proper…..

…..and now we’re locked in our homes, banned from the boat, waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to determine our futures…….

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