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Adding a remote motor start

Up until now I’ve had to shoot down the companionway stairs to start the motor, followed by a mad rush out to reduce throttle [motor won’t start unless full throttle is engaged] and check water flow. Then, if the motor happened to die while motoring [always in the tight confines of the marina of course], a panic rush down the stairs to try restart would ensue, again followed by the rush back up to prevent the motor running away and to return the yacht to safe water after drifting off into danger while I’ve been out of sight down below.

Well no more! The remote starter switch and decompression cable is now installed. The only reason to go below now is to select the starter battery and turn on the ignition. 


It did take countless four trips to the boat to measure up for the housing and determine how to parallel the new external switch to the existing key switch but it’s finally done. I cannot take credit for the basic wooden structure though. That’s a remnant from Inshallah, left behind when the ‘affirmative shoppers‘ lifted the car- boat-radio back at PNYC.  I find it’s way easier to modify what you have than to start from scratch and so the ‘radio-mount‘ has become the ‘remote-start-mount‘.

The motor can now be started either from down below as before or from in the cockpit, the new preferred method since it places one closer to all the controls out on deck.

The start process is now one of leisure…down below to check that the starter battery is selected and to turn on the ignition. Then, while the engine warning alarms wake up and begin so scream, a leisurely return to the cockpit to open the throttle, push the new start button and immediately throttle back once the engine roars splutters to life. A check on the cooling water completes the process and life is good. [Unless of course the motor fails to fire up. But that’s another story for another time]

In the words of Webb Chiles after his sixth circumnavigation on a tiny, lightweight Moore 24 – “Make yourself as strong as possible and sailing your boat as easy as possible”.

This new remote start certainly feels like slow and steady progress toward making handling the boat easier!

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