Antifouling, Maintenance

Back in the water

I don’t like letting other people work on my boat! Call me a control freak, call me anything you want. I still don’t like it.

It’s not that people are inherently bad, intent on doing the worst job they possibly can. It’s just the attention to detail, the finishing, that often has me up in arms.

So, the new anti-fouling looks good and I trust ‘Blue now has multiple shaft anodes installed. There’s no water in the bilges and she’s floating sweetly on her marks. So that part of the job seems properly done.

So why the rant?

Well, the instrument covers are knocked off and lying in the cockpit [thankfully], as are the drinks holders. The tiller isn’t lashed and the main stern spring isn’t properly attached to protect against the South Easter.

Then, the crowning glory of neglect – The mains’l cover is all loose and the main is flopping down from the boom**. One heavy SE’ly [such as is blowing today] will have the old and fragile cover in tatters. I have to wonder why it’s loose? Perhaps they feared the motor and so readied the sail before returning the boat to the mooring? Who knows? But, whatever the reason, poor form dudes. Poor form.

The positive – the lines tying down the cover have needed replacing for quite some time now and seeing as how the cover was loose anyway, it was the perfect incentive to actually climb in and finish the job. But, I’ll have to plan to replace the cover sometime soon. Can’t last forever and it’s on it’s ninth life now…..

** That just makes me wonder how hard it can be to run a successful, sustainable little business? Surely, by just being 10% better and more reliable than the competition, there’s a good chance of making it? The challenge is “What to do?” with my sudden free time and dwindling stash.

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